How To Downgrade Color OS To Oxygen OS ? OnePlus Devices Oxygen OS 12 To 11 Rollback

Oxygen OS 12, which is based on Color OS, was recently released by OnePlus. Since it is based on Color OS, it also had a lot of animations. But shortly after the launch, users got to see the problem of phone hangs regarding Color OS. Some of the users also faced the network issue. Since it is based on Android 12, which has the latest Android security patches, it does not run many old apps. Although it was a very stable update, it was still not liked by the users. Many users started searching for how to downgrade from Oxygen OS 12 to 11. In this detailed article, we will tell you how to rollback Oxygen OS.

Oxygen OS 12 To 11 Rollback

Oxygen OS 12 To 11 Rollback

Before the downgrade process, make sure to take a full phone backup because flashing the rom will wipe everything. Once you have taken the backup, download the OnePlus Local Update application from the link provided. Make sure your phone has at least 50% battery left for the downgrade process.


Install the application. Now you will require the Oxygen OS 11 firmware for your OnePlus device. Make sure to download the correct version; otherwise it won’t work. Download the Oxygen OS 11 firmware file from the link given. Currently, we are providing links for OnePlus 8, 8T, 8 Pro, 9 and 9 Pro devices only. If your device is not listed, you can request it in the comments. Please download the firmware according to your region.

OnePlus Oxygen OS 11 Firmware Download

Device India Version EU Version NA Version
OnePlus 8 Download Download
OnePlus 8 Pro Download Download
OnePlus 8T Download Download
OnePlus 9 Download Download Download
OnePlus 9 Pro Download Download Download

NOTE: If the firmware’s file extension is .jar, you need to change the file extension to .ZIP (case sensitive).

How To Downgrade OxygenOS 12 to 11 ?

Now you have all the required files, let’s start with the downgrade process.

  1. Move the downloaded OxygenOS 11 ROM file from the downloads folder to the root directory. The root directory is where all the folders like DCIM, Pictures, Android, Download, etc. folders are present.

  2. If you have downloaded the ROM file on your PC or laptop, you have to move the file to the .ota folder.

  3. Now open the OnePlus Local Update application.

  4. Click on the Gear Icon and select Local Upgrade.
  5. If everything is correct you will see your downloaded OnePlus Android 11 ROM. Select your ROM and begin flashing. The flashing process will erase all your data.
  6. Once the downgrade process finishes, your phone will restart into Oxygen OS 11.

OnePlus Downgrade To Android 11

Oxygen OS 11 is faster and smoother as compared to Oxygen OS 12 because it has fewer customizations. With this very easy guide, you will be able to downgrade your Oxygen OS. But if you are unable to downgrade, please let me know in the comments. You can try another method in which you can forcefully flash oxygen os. That method is 100% working but is lengthy and a bit complicated.

That’s it. We assume this article was helpful for you. For more ROM customizations and updates, make sure to bookmark our website, SmartphoneRepulic.

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