MSMTOOL OnePlus Download How To Flash Oxygen OS MSM Flash Tool Download For OnePlus 6/6T/7/7T/8/8T/9/9 Pro

Sometimes, flashing custom roms or installing incorrect oxygen os versions ends up with a bootloop situation or sometimes a bricked phone situation. Unbricking cannot be done directly in these situations. To overcome such situations, one needs to download MSM Download Tool for OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T/6/6T/7/7T/7T Pro/7 Pro/8/8T/8 Pro/9/9R/9 Pro/Nord/Nord CE/X. The MSMTool is a free-of-cost flashing tool for restoring the Oxygen OS and stock recovery. The process is a bit lengthy and requires a few drivers as well. But at last, you will end up with an unbricked, working smartphone. In this post we have explained how to flash OnePlus  Oxygen OS using MSMTool correctly.

MSM Download Tool provides advanced recovery options specifically for OnePlus devices. This feature can be a lifesaver for users who have critical software failures and need to restore their devices to working order.

MSM Flash Tool Download OnePlus

MSM Download Tool OnePlus

MSM Download Tool provides robust rooting support for users who want to customise and control their OnePlus devices. This feature allows users to maximise the performance of their devices while maintaining stability and security.

To correctly detect our phone model, one needs to download a few drivers. Download links to all the drivers are provided below.

FastBoot Driver Download

ADB Driver Download

Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver Download

Platform Tools Download

MSMTool For OnePlus 3/3T/5/5T/6/6T/7/7T/7T Pro/7 Pro/8/8T/8 Pro/9/9R/9 Pro/Nord/Nord CE/X Download

Once you download all the drivers and required files, install the drivers and extract the platform tools and MSM Download Tool. If your phone is working, go to settings inside About Phone. Tap the build number 5 times until you see the message “You are now a developer.” Now go to System inside Developer Options and enable OEM Unlocking, Enable Advance Reboot, and Enable USB Debugging. Now follow the steps given below for flashing the rom.

How To Unlock Bootloader OnePlus ?

  • If you are currently using a custom rom and want to restore Oxygen OS, you need to unlock the bootloader first.
  • Boot your phone into fastboot mode. Hold the power off button, tap on the 3 dots and select Recovery.
  • Once you are into recovery mode, go to Advanced and tap Reboot to Fastboot.
  • Now you are in Fastboot mode. If you see your device state as ‘Locked’, it means your bootloader is locked. If it is “unlocked,” then you do need to unlock it.
  • To unlock the bootloader, connect your phone to PC and go to Platform Tools. Inside platform tools, hold the Shift button and select the Open Powershell window here (CMD is also fine).
  • Now execute this command to check connected fastboot devices: fastboot devices
  • If it shows your device, then it is fine, otherwise you need to reinstall the drivers.
  • Now execute this command to unlock the bootloader: fastboot oem unlock
  • On the next screen, tap ‘Yes/Accept’ to proceed. Now you will see your Device state as ‘Unlocked’.

How To Flash Oxygen OS MSM Flash Tool Download For OnePlus ?

Once you have unlocked the bootloader, let’s start with the flashing process. If your phone is in a working state, connect the USB to computer. You will see a popup on your screen for USB debugging. Tap allow/yes. Once accepted, open the Powershell window inside Platform Tools and execute this command to check if adb is working properly: adb devices If it shows your device, you can begin with the flashing process. Otherwise, you need to reinstall the drivers. Now you need to enter your phone into EDL mode. Execute this command: adb reboot edl. Now your phone is in EDL mode. Now open the MSM Download Tool. Select ‘Others’ from the dropdown. And select your ROM version: India, NA, EU.


If your connection status is N/A, as shown in the image above, You need to do one additional step. You need to turn off the driver signature enforcement in windows.

How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement ?

  • Goto settings and click on Update and Security.
  • Go to the Recovery tab and click Restart Now under Advanced Startup.
  • Now you are in the advanced startup window, click on Troubleshoot.
  • Go to advanced options and click on Startup Settings. There you click on restart.
  • Your PC will reboot now. After the reboot, a few options will be shown. The number seven option will be to disable driver signature enforcement. Press ‘7’ or ‘F7’ to disable.

After a restart, connect your phone again to the PC and reboot your phone into EDL mode using the command given above. This time the MSM tool will show the status of the connection as “Connected”. Click on the Start button and the flashing process will begin.

MSMTool Connected

How to boot into EDL Mode if your phone is dead or bricked?

When connected to PC, press and hold all the 3 buttons (Vol Up + Vol Down + Power Off) until MSM Download Tool shows “Connected”.

That’s it. We assume this article was helpful for you. If you face any issues while flashing using MSM Download Tool, make sure to comment below. For more ROM customizations and updates, make sure to bookmark our website, SmartphoneRepulic.

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