How To Extract boot.img From Android Device Without Root ? Patch Boot Image File For Magisk Download

If you are one of those who loves to tweak Android phones/applications, then you definitely must root your device. The rooting process gives additional permission to users to perform root-level modifications. If you are an Android 11 user, then the process might not be difficult for you, but if you are an Android 12 user, then you have to perform some additional steps. For rooting purposes, a boot.img file is required. Non-rooted users can’t extract directly from Android devices; however, some steps must be taken. In this guide we will see how to patch boot image file using Magisk for OnePlus devices.

How To Extract boot.img From Android Device Without Root ?

How To Extract boot.img From Android Device Without Root Android 12 ?

You can’t directly extract the boot.img file from the phone. First, you must obtain the official ROM file for your device. Then we have to extract the ROM file contents. Follow the steps given below for extracting the boot.img file from payload.bin . These steps are for Android 12.

  • First, download the official OnePlus ROM file for your device from the official website. (Link given below)
  • The file format will be.ZIP. Otherwise, you must rename the extension to.ZIP.
  • One of the file will be payload.bin. This file contains all the img files. We need to extract the contents of this file as well.
  • To extract the contents of payload.bin, we need one tool called Payload Dumper.
  • Download the payload dumper from the link given below.
  • Extract the contents of the payload dumper. You will see 2 folders, payload_input and payload_output.
  • Copy the payload.bin file extracted from the ROM into the payload_input folder.
  • Now execute payload_dumper.exe and wait for the process to complete. It will extract all the image files.
  • You can find all the extracted image files in the payload_output folder.

Payload Dumper

Patch Boot Image File For Magisk Download

A boot image is a type of disc image that is used to boot an Android system. A boot image typically contains a boot loader. For rooting purposes, you can copy or move the boot.img file from payload_output to your phone. If you are using Android 11, then it might be possible that you do not need to perform these steps because all the contents in the Android 11 Rom are pre-extracted, so you do need to extract the payload.bin specifically.

Download ROM File For You OnePlus Device: CLICK HERE

Download Payload Dumper: CLICK HERE

That’s it. We assume this article was helpful for you. If you face any issues while extracting, make sure to comment below. For more ROM customizations and updates, make sure to bookmark our website, SmartphoneRepublic.

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